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I'm Susan Kerby and I want your next talk to fabulous!
Now you can access the 10 Steps I teach anytime you need, whether you are getting ready for a big stage appearance or simply brainstorming your next speaking gig.

The Details

Digital Editable Workbooks and Fill-In-The-Blanks Outlines

This home study course features editable documents that let you create your talk over and over again.

Video Training

Each one of the steps is explained in a video. And this course is mobile friendly! No matter where you are, you can watch these videos and work on your talk.

BONUS: 3 Days LIVE Speaker Training: Speak and Shine Your Light

Speak to Be Seen, Heard and Valued for the Difference You are Being Called to Make.
Reliably access “being yourself” naturally every time you speak.
Set the stage for your Soul Signature Talk that Sells.
​​​​​​​Discover your 3 magic words that have audiences saying "I Want That!"

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When You Shine Your Light,
Your People Find You!

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